The Zac & Jay Show

Jay and Zac were friends who started a YouTube channel called The Zac & Jay Show in 2018.

YouTube Success

The channel grew rapidly and gained over 900,000 subscribers in two years.

Real Names

Zac real name is Zac Daniel Alsop. And Jay real name is Jamie Rawsthorne.

Jay and Zac had a lot of fun and success with their videos, but they also faced some challenges and difficulties.

But Jay started to feel unhappy and unfulfilled with YouTube and the content they were making.

Jay wanted to explore other aspects of life and pursue other passions and interests.

Jay decided to leave the channel and YouTube in 2020, after discussing it with Zac and their team.

Finally Jay announced his departure in a video titled "Why Jay Left The Zac & Jay Show"

Jay explained his reasons and emotions in the video, and thanked the fans for their support and love.

Jay then moved to Mexico, where he started a new career as a digital marketer.

Zac was supportive and understanding of Jay's decision, and said he was proud of what they did together.

Zac decided to continue the channel by himself, and changed the name to Zac Alsop.

Zac still makes videos about his adventures and experiences, such as sneaking into events, meeting celebrities and traveling the world.

Zac and Jay remain friends and keep in touch with each other. You can follow them on social media to stay in touch.