Nischay Malhan to Triggered Insaan: The Untold Story| Is He Married?

Triggered Insaan whose real name is Nischay Malhan, is one of the most recognizable names in the Indian YouTube community. He also known by other name as Live Inaan. He is mostly known for his witty and hilarious commentary on videos. He has garnered a massive following on various social media platforms. His unique blend of humor, game streams, and StoryTime videos has resonated with millions of fans, making him one of the most influential creators in the Indian digital landscape.

This blog aims to delve into the life of this charming personality on YouTube and explore the unknown chapters of his life. Also at the end of the blog I'm gonna revel his current girlfriend name that you won't find anywhere else. So make sure to read till the end😉.

Triggered Insaan age
Nischay Malhan

Early Life and Education:

Nischay Malhan, better known by his online pseudonym Triggered Insaan, was born on November 14, 1995, in Delhi, India. Having grown up in a middle-class family, Nischay was well aware of the importance of education and pursued it with vigor. He completed his schooling from Lancer Convent School, Delhi and later, he went on to graduate with a Bachelor's engineering degree in Computer Science branch from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD).

Triggered Insaan as a Kid
Triggered Insaan as a Kid

During his school time, Nischay developed an interest in digital content creation. He was always fascinated by the world of YouTube, but it wasn't until he was in college that he decided to give it a shot. In his early days, he experimented with various types of content, trying to find his niche in the vast digital landscape.

Childhood Pictures of Nischay

Triggered Insaan Crush

You may not believe it, but Nischay had first crush when he was just in 3rd standard 😂. Her name was Swati. But he was so shy kid that he never talked with her. In 4th standard he got crush on another girl named Nisha😂.

In 8th standard he had his first girlfriend. He used to call her Kaju Katli. But her real name is Rinny. They had a break up in 9th standard.

But before becoming his girlfriend, she was his academic rival from the first class. Niachay always used to came 2nd Or 3rd in the class & Kaju Katli was 1st.

But during 5th standard, Kaju Katli couldn't attend one exam and that helped Nischay to get the 1st rank in exam for the first time in his life😂. Kaju Katli always used to tease Nischay that he only got first cuz she didn't gave one paper.

Nischay's 5th class picture
Nischay's 5th Class Picture (Kaju Katli also there😉)

First Date of Nischay Malan:

This is the story two weeks before the day when Kaju Katli proposed Nischay🌝. And yes Nischay didn't proposed her, she did. Nischay was super shy & awkward kid.

So let's talk about the date. One day in the morning Kaju Katli came to Nischay and asked him to come at her home in the evening for her birthday party. Nischay was surprised, because before this moment they had never talked with one another. There had only been eye interactions in the class.

Nischay was excited to meet her at home. But in the evening when he reached her home, he was surprised. Because there were only girls for that birthday party & Nischay was the only boy.

He started feeling awkward among those girls. Plus Kaju Katli had one pet squirrel with her and Nischay used to hate pets. He got so uncomfortable over there that he ran away 😂.

Triggered Insaan Date
Triggered Insaan Date

Around 10-11 days passed after that. And one during maths tuition, Nischay received one text on his phone – ‘T‘ from a random number. Nischay replied “Who is this?“. And he get reply ” This is Kaju Katli. Sorry this message was sent accidentally. “

And Nischay was like, Wait a sec! How did she got my number? He took a chance and started chatting with her. They had been chatting for about half and hour and suddenly he received a text “I Love You“.

Nischay was blown away😂. He didn't wait a sec and replied – “I Love You Too“. And that's how Triggered Insaan found his first love.

Next day she call Nischay to meet her at the market. But their first date didn't go as planned as she had bought her pet dog with her.

Nischay & Kaju Katli had been together for like a year. And they had a break up in 9th standard as Kahu Katli left india to go abroad for her further studies.

Triggered insaan
Cute Nischay

After 9th standard Nischay got very serious about his studies. He had 9.8 CGPA in 10th. And 92.6% in 12th standard. He scored 250/360 in JEE in 12th.

Nischay was one the class topper during 11th-12th. Because of which teachers were very supportive for him. In 11th he had selected Economics as an extra subject.

He didn't even gave exams for that subject in all three terms of the year. And still nobody asked him anything about that and he got passed 😂. It happened maybe because of his image in the class. His teachers promoted him to 12th.

There's one more hilarious story of his school time that I wanna tell you.

In 7th standard he had one class teacher. Her name was Tandip mam. She was both maths & class teacher for him. There was one more teacher named Mili mam. She used to teach Nischay Tutions & was good friend of his mom.

There was rivalry between Tandip & Mili mam. Nischay was Mili mams favorite student where as Tandip mam used to support Kaju Katli.

Mili mam used to provide all the questions to Nischya before exams & that used to help him get 100 out of 100 in maths😂.

First YouTube channel – Nischay Malhan:

Most of you may not know this, but Triggered Insaan isn't the first channel of Nischay. He had created his first channel back in 2012 with his own name. He had started that channel one year before getting into an engineering.

He was excited about coding & his future plans for engineering. He wanted to make popular apps & softwares. The first app that he made was one line following robot. He just made video of that process and posted it on YouTube.

First YouTube video of Nischay Malhan

For next few months, he didn't posted anything. But during first year of engineering he needed some help for his projects with coding. He started searching online & on GitHub. But he didn't found anything.

Then he thought, what if I do this myself and make video of it and post it on YouTube. It will help others. So he started recording all of his assignments and posted it on YouTube.

And that's how his first channel was made. It wasn't for money but just to help his juniors with their studies.

Today that channel still exist. You can still watch his older videos there. Now he only post shorts on that channel. You can search for that channel as Nischay Malhan Or can check it out here:

Nischay Malhan YouTube Channel:

Old family picture of Nischay
Old Family Picture

The Birth of Triggered Insaan: Finding His Niche

While still in college, during third year of his engineering, Nischay bought his first gaming laptop. So he decided to lauch a new gaming channel. He was inspired by the YouTubers like CarryMinati & BB Ki Vines. So when he was looking for a name for his new channel, he wanted it to be a unique like them.

During that time, he used to follow one international YouTuber named “Triggered Tro”. So inspired by that name, he made his channel name as “Triggered Insaan” by adding little desi vibe to it.

The name is derived from the Hindi word ‘Insaan‘, which means ‘human‘, and the term ‘triggered‘, representing his passion for expressing his thoughts and opinions on various topics. His initial content focused on his experiences as a student and the challenges faced by young people in India.

Gradually, Nischay began to find his footing as a content creator. He started creating videos that touched on a wide array of topics, including pop culture, social issues, and personal experiences. His unique take on these subjects, coupled with his relatable and humorous style, struck a chord with viewers, and they began to flock to his channel.

Most Popular Video of Triggered Insan

The Meteoric Rise to Fame

Triggered Insaan's journey to stardom was not an overnight affair. His dedication to creating quality content and his ability to connect with his audience played a significant role in his success. Over time, his channel grew in popularity, and his videos consistently garnered millions of views. He have many youtube awards including Silver Play Button, Golden Play Button & Diamond Play Button.

Nischay's rise to fame can also be attributed to his ability to make roasting videos without using any slangs. He adapt to changing trends and audience preferences. He experimented with various formats and styles, such as reaction videos, roasts, and commentary on trending topics.

He saw that his StoryTime videos gets lot of love from his audience so he kept that series going. His versatility as a content creator allowed him to stay relevant and maintain his position as one of the top creators in the Indian digital space.

Even after all of this fame, Nischay didn't stopped perusing his education. He completed his degree in Computer Science from IITD Delhi.

Triggered Insaan education
Triggered Insaan Education

Expanding His Empire: Live Insaan and Fukra Insaan

Live Insaan:

As his popularity grew, Nischay decided to diversify his content by launching second channel – Live Insaan. There he started uploading gameplay videos and mainly livestreams. This channel allowed him to explore new avenues and cater to different segments of his audience.

Live Insaan, as the name suggests, is dedicated to live streaming gaming content. Nischay uses this platform to connect with his fans in real-time and showcase his skills as a gamer. With popular titles like PUBG Mobile, Among Us, Dota 2 and Minecraft, he has been able to amass a significant following on this channel as well. Live Insaan currently has over 10 Million subscribers on YouTube as of April 2023.

Live Insaan
Live Insaan

Fukra Insaan:

Fukra Insaan, on the other hand, is a collaborative effort between Nischay and his younger brother, Abhishek Malhan. The channel features a mix of vlogs, challenges, and other entertaining content, providing a more personal glimpse into the lives of the Malhan brothers. Now this channel is completely managed by his brother Abhishek.

Impact and Influence

Triggered Insaan's impact on the digital content landscape in India cannot be understated. His success has inspired thousands of aspiring creators to follow in his footsteps and pursue their passions. Nischay's journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work in achieving one's dreams.

Furthermore, Nischay has used his platform to address pressing social issues and raise awareness about various causes. He has been vocal about mental health and online harassment, urging his viewers to be kind and empathetic towards others. His commitment to using his influence for good has earned him immense respect and admiration from his fans and fellow creators alike.

Triggered Insaan Family:

He comes from a close-knit and supportive family. Both of his parent, father Vinay Malhan and mother Dimple Malhan are very humble person. Nischay has a younger brother, Abhishek Malhan, who is also a well-known YouTuber and goes by the name of Fukra Insaan. The brothers share a strong bond and frequently collaborate on each other's channels.

His sister name is Prerna Malhan and she is also a youtuber. She makes travel vlogs with her husband Harsh. Their channel name is wanderershub. Nischay's mother also has her own channel called Dimple Malhan Vlogs. If you just leave his father, his entire family is a content creator. If you follow their family you will know that even his father his full of talent can can start his own channel😂.

Nischay his sister Prerna and brother Abhishek have a very strong bond since they were kids. They all are very supportive to one another. They all collaborate with each other in their videos. Sometimes doing funny pranks or just sharing their childhood memories with the audience.

Nischay Malhan and Prerna Malhan
Childhood pic of Nischay & Prerna

Triggered Insaan Girlfriend in 2023

Now is time for the ultimate reveal of his girlfriend. The moment you guys had been waiting for.

Nischay had been quite private about his love life in the past and there was limited information available about his relationship status. There are lots of fake news on the internet about his gf. Most of them suggesting that Neha Malhan being his girlfriend. But that's not true. Neha Malhan is his cousin.

Triggered Insaan wife
Ruchika Rathore – Nischay's GF

Real name of Triggered Insaan girlfriend is Ruchika Rathore. How do I know? I've a proof. I came to know about his girlfriend from one of YouTube comment.

Triggered Insaan gf
Her friend told that Ruchika is his gf

Then I find Ruchika's profile from Nischay's insta id and visited her profile. And one the first picture of her profile I found this comment from Triggered Insaan himself – an introvert guy commenting like that 😂. All these pics are enough to prove that she is his gf.

Nischay Malhan girlfriend
Nischay Malhan Girlfriend
Triggered Insaan girlfriend
Naughty Triggu😂

If you still don't believe, you can go checkout her profile @ruchika_.rathore. But do not use this information in any bad way. Their personal life is their personal. We should wish this couple a bright future together.

Triggered Insaan Marriage:

On 17 April 2023 Nischay made one post on social media accounts including insta, facebook and even on youtube community post. He uploaded his marriage pictures stating that he is getting married. Everyone was left in a shock after this post including popular YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani.

Triggered Insaan Marriage
Insta post about his Marriage
Triggered Insaan Marriage reaction
Ashish Chanchlani reacts to Trggered Insaan

Most people's thought this was real wedding and actually got married. Some girls were upset, some were in shock. His Insta post got over 5 Lakh likes and over 31K comments within an hour. Nischay started getting thousands on messages on his social media including from popular celebrities.

So finally he made one video and posted on YouTube revealing the actual truth. And the truth is Triggered Insaan is not getting married. That wedding picture was from his upcoming music video “TUM MERE 2“. It was just a prank.

Triggered Insaan ki Shadi ki Video

Triggered Insaan Song:

Update: Nischya Malhan's first music video “Tum Mere 2” is officially launched now. It was published on YouTube on 21 April 2023. The song features Triggered Insaan, Fukra Insaan and model Ayushi & Rhythm. The song immediately went to trending within a day and currently has crossed 6.5 Million views on YouTube.

Tum Mere 2 Official Music Video


Nischay don't love controversies but there had been few controversies of his with other YouTubers. He had a controversy with Slayy Point and Payal Zone. Recently he also had a controversy with another gamer and his old friend Mythpat. Watch the video below if you love controversies🤪.

Triggered Insaan Controversy

Personal Information and Biography:.

Real name of Triggered Insaan:Nischay Malhan
Father Name:Vinay Malhan
Mother's name:Dimple Malhan
Sister name:Prerna Malhan
Brother name:Abhishek Malhan
Phone No:Not Available
Address:Chitrakoot Apartments at Pritampura, Rohini, New Delhi, India
School:Lancer's Convent School, Delhi
College:Indian Institute of Training & Development, Delhi
Education:Bachelors in Computer Science
Date of Birth:14 November 1995
Age:27 years.
Monthly Income:25+ Lack
Net Worth:15 Crore+
Languages Known:Hindi, English
Height:5 Feet 9 Inch
Weight:70 Kg
Main YouTube Channels:Triggered Insaan:
Live Insaan:
Nischay Malhan:
Live Insaan Biography

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is triggered insaan?

He is a Delhi based youtuber who's famous for his funny games commentary & live streams.

What is real name of Triggered Insaan?

His real name is Nischay Malhan.

Where does triggered insaan live?

He lives at Chitrakoot Apartments at Pritampura, Rohini in New Delhi.

What is the age of triggered insaan?

Triggered Insaan is 27 years old.

What is triggered insaan phone number?

His old phone number is +91 9654076822. We don't know if it's still working. It was leaked few years back.

Is Triggered Insaan & Fukra Insaan are twins?

No! Fukra Insaan is his younger than Triggered Insaan by two years. They are not twins but they are real brothers.

Is Triggered Insaan Married?

No he is not married as of April 2023.

Does triggered insaan have a girlfriend?

Yes he does have a girlfriend and her name is Ruchika Rathore.

What does Triggered Insaan father do?

His father is a businessman.

Who is Neha Malhan?

Neha Malhan is a cousin of Triggered Insaan.

Is Triggered Insaan getting Married?

No! He is not getting married. The wedding images that he posted on his social media were from shoot of his upcoming music video “Tum Mere 2“.

And that is it for todays blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Here's one more blog that you will love reading: Monkey Magic Biography.

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