Ujjwal Chaurasia to Techno Gamerz – An Untold Story | Biography 2023

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a full-time gamer, making a living doing what you love most? Well, get ready to be amazed by the story of Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia who turned his passion into a thriving career.

When it comes to online gaming, few names have managed to create the same impact and garner the same level of respect as Techno Gamerz, a 21 years old YouTuber Ujjwal Chaurasia. He has been able to captivate millions of fans with his gaming prowess, charismatic personality, and consistent dedication to his craft. In this blog, we will dive into the life of Techno Gamerz, his journey to fame, and what sets him apart in the world of gaming.

Who is Techno Gamerz?

Techno Gamerz, whose real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia, is an Indian YouTuber and gamer who has gained a massive following for his gameplay videos, tutorials, and commentary. He is 2nd most popular gaming youtuber in India.

Techno Gamerz
Techno Gamerz YouTuber

Early Life and Introduction to Gaming:

Ujjwal Chaurasia was born on January 12, 2002, in Delhi, India. He grew up in a middle-class family with his parents and an elder brother. Ujjwal's passion for gaming can be traced back to his childhood when he used to play games like Contra and Mario on his 8-bit gaming console.

Techno Gamerz Birthday
Techno Gamerz 18th Birthday Celebration

During childhood Ujjwal was like any other ordinary kid. He used to go to the school, get back and study, play sports with friends. But there was one thing about his him that was separating him from others was his craze for games.

Initially he didn't even had a phone, so he used to get his brothers and relatives phone to play games. He used to play those games for hours. He was so passionate about games that even with his tuition and school friends, he only used to talk about games.

Techno Gamerz childhood photo
Techno Gamerz School Pic

He always used to watch videos about pc & PlayStation games. He always wanted to to play those games but he neither had a pc nor a PlayStation. So he started search for ways to play pc and PlayStation games on mobile phone. And he finally found a way and started playing those games on phone.

When his friends found about this, they were amazed by this. Cuz they never thought it was possible to play pc games on phone. And because of this, Ujjwal became like hero among them.

The Birth of Techno Gamerz:

Fascinated by Ujjwal's this trick of playing pc games on phone, his friends started asking him that how does he do that? Initially he was telling them directly but later so many of friends started asking him about this trick. Then he thought, instead of telling everyone same thing again and again, what if I make tutorial video of this and upload it to YouTube.

And so he made his first tutorial video and uploaded it to YouTube. And this is how channel Techno Gamerz was born. His videos were getting good views, but at this time he knew nothing about monetization and making money from YouTube.

Techno Gamerz first youtube video
Techno Gamerz First YouTube video

Ujjwal had got his first smartphone when he was in 12th standard. The first game he played on his smartphone was Clash of Clans, which opened up a new world of opportunities and challenges for him. He continued to explore other popular games like Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire, which further fueled his love for gaming.

Despite his passion for gaming, Ujjwal never initially thought that he would make a career out of it. It was not until in2017, when his brother accidently saw one of his video. Ujjwal thought his brother will shout him for making such videos but instead his brother supported him. His brother Ankit Chaurasia was already aware of YouTube and gaming industry.

Techno Gamerz Gameplay

He told Ujjwal about YouTube and how he can make career out of it. He suggested Ujjwal to put more efforts into videos and make some quality content. Ujjwal took this advice and started improving his video quality. And he immediately saw the difference. His channel started booming.

In the beginning, Ujjwal faced many challenges. He did not have access to high-end gaming equipment or a fast internet connection, which made recording and uploading videos a daunting task. However, he remained determined and continued to work on improving his content. He experimented with different games and strategies to attract more viewers.

After uploading daily gameplay videos consistently for around four months, Techno Gamerz finally completed 1000 subscribers on YouTube. It took him around 2 – 2.5 years for him to reach 2 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

Ujjwal Chaurasia
Ujjwal Chaurasia

The Breakthrough Moment:

The major turning point in Ujjwal's career came when he started playing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). He saw an opportunity in the game's popularity and decided to create Hindi commentary videos for his Indian audience. His unique way of storytelling and engaging commentary style quickly resonated with viewers, and his channel started gaining traction.

His GTA V series went viral and each video he uploaded started getting millions of views. The special thing about this GTA series was each video had some unique mission which Ujjwal had to accomplished in that video. Which made this series really interesting.

Techno Gamerz GTA V Series

As Ujjwal's popularity grew, he decided to expand his content and venture into other games like Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Hitman 3 and Call of Duty. He also began streaming live gameplay sessions, which allowed him to interact with his fans in real-time. This helped him forge a strong connection with his audience, which has been crucial to his success.

Why is Techno Gamerz Famous?

One of the main reasons Techno Gamerz is famous is due to the unique approach he takes with his content. Unlike many other gaming content creators, Ujjwal focuses on providing Hindi commentary for his Indian audience. This has helped him differentiate himself from the competition and cater to a market that was previously underserved.

Additionally, his engaging personality and ability to make his viewers feel like they are a part of the gaming experience have been key factors in his rise to fame. He is very humble and down to earth person. And that makes people's love him even more.

Techno Gamerz Famous
He is always Cool and Calm

Expanding the Empire: Multiple YouTube Channels:

As Techno Gamerz's popularity continued to soar, Ujjwal decided to diversify his content by creating multiple YouTube channels. This includes:

  1. Ujjwal: Launched in January 2018, this channel focuses on mostly gameplay videos. He started this channel with Clash of Clans gameplays but later switched to PUBG. On this channel you will mostly find high kill solo gameplay of PUBG. Recently he have also uploaded some vlogs on this channel.
  2. Ujjwal Shorts: This channel was created in Feb 2022 as a response to the increasing popularity of short-form content. It features quick, entertaining videos that cater to viewers who might not have the time or inclination to watch longer gameplay videos.
  3. Techno: This channel was launched just recently in January 2023 and focuses on technology-related content. Till now he have uploaded videos on RC car, cycle stunts and his supercar videos.

These additional channels have allowed Ujjwal to showcase his diverse interests and talents and have contributed to his overall success as a content creator.

Techno Gamerz Awards
Success & Awards

Social Media Presence:

In addition to his YouTube channels, Ujjwal has also built a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram. His Instagram account, @ujjwalgamer, boasts over a million followers and serves as another avenue for him to connect with his fans. His posts often include updates on his life, behind-the-scenes glimpses into his content creation process, and sneak peeks of upcoming videos.

Techno Gamerz instagram
Techno Gamerz on Instagram

Hobbies and Interests of Ujjwal:

Techno Gamerz loves playing games and sports. You all know how much he loves games. But you may not that he loves football too. He is a big football fan. And when it comes to games, he is crazy for gaming. He spends most of his time in playing games only.

Techno Gamerz Football
Techno Gamerz Hobbies

Here are top 10 favorite games of Techno Gamerz:

  1. Minecraft
  2. GTA V
  3. Hitman 3
  4. PUBG
  5. Dragon Ball Z
  6. Mini Militia
  7. Swordigo
  8. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  9. Snow Bros
  10. Contra

Achievements and Recognition:

Ujjwal's hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. His main YouTube channel, Techno Gamerz, has amassed over 32 million subscribers, making it 2nd most popular gaming channel in India. His other channels have also experienced considerable success, with Ujjwal boasting a combined subscriber count of over 48 million across all his channels.

Techno Gamerz collab and youtube meetup
YouTube Meetup and Collab

Furthermore, Ujjwal has received several accolades and awards for his achievements in the gaming industry. In 2020, he was awarded the “Best Gaming Creator” at the Streamy Awards. In 2021, Ujjwal was featured in Forbes India's “30 Under 30” list, a recognition of young achievers who have made an impact in their respective industries. Moreover, he has collaborated with several well-known brands and has even been signed as a Red Bull athlete.

The Importance of Family Support:

Throughout his journey, Ujjwal has been fortunate to have the unwavering support of his family, especially from his brother. They have always encouraged him to follow his dreams and have been instrumental in helping him manage his expanding YouTube empire.

Ujjwal's elder brother, Ankit, plays a crucial role in the content creation process by assisting with editing, thumbnail design, and other behind-the-scenes tasks. Ankit also handles all the business aspect of Techno Gamerz, like brand deals, sponsorships, etc.

Talking about his father, there's very little information available about his father. We only know that he has a shop in Delhi. Ujjwal's father is a shop keeper. And his mother is housewife. Ujjwal also has a granny.

Future Plans and Aspirations:

Ujjwal's journey is far from over, and he continues to set new goals for himself. He plans to keep expanding his content offerings, exploring new games, and experimenting with different formats to keep his audience engaged. He also expressed interest in venturing into the world of esports, both as a player and a team owner. He also wanna make an anime series.

He have launched his new Tech channel Techno, where he have started uploading tech related content. He have lots of bigger dreams for that channel. He dream about creating and developing his own games in India. He also wanna launch his apps. He have special plans to grow gaming culture in India by organizing different gaming events.

Tech videos on Techno channel

Despite his immense success, Ujjwal remains humble and focused on what truly matters to him: his passion for gaming and his connection with his fans. He recognizes that his supporters have played a significant role in his journey and is committed to providing them with the best content possible.

Techno Gamerz Net Worth:

Ujjwal earns a significant amount of money from YouTube's ad revenue program. According to reports, YouTube pays creators around $2 to $7 per 1000 views on their videos. However, this figure varies depending on the creator's niche, audience demographics, and other factors.

Based on the above estimates, Techno Gamerz earns around $54.8K  –  $877.5K per month from YouTube ads alone. This translates to an annual income of $658.1K – $10.5M. However, this figure does not account for other sources of income that Techno Gamerz might have, such as brand deals, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. Plus he have 2 other channels.

So, what is Techno Gamerz's net worth? While we do not have exact figures, we can make an estimate based on his YouTube earnings and other sources of income. Assuming that he earns around $5M per year from all his sources of income, Techno Gamerz's net worth would be around 15 Crore rupees.

Techno Gamerz Car collection
Techno Gamerz Car

Techno Gamerz Girlfriend:

As of now (May 2023), Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal) is not in any kind of relationship. He is single and completely focused on his career and future goals.

Techno Gamerz Girlfriend
Ujjwal with Sakshi Shetty

Final Thoughts on Techno Gamerz:

The life of Techno Gamerz, or Ujjwal Chaurasia, is truly a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and determination. His journey from a young gaming enthusiast to one of India's most popular content creators serves as an inspiration to aspiring gamers and creators worldwide. Ujjwal's ability to connect with his audience, his willingness to adapt and grow, and his unwavering dedication to his craft have been the pillars of his success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming and content creation, Techno Gamerz is a shining example of how one can turn their passion into a successful career. His journey serves as a reminder that with perseverance, support from loved ones, and a commitment to constantly improving, anything is possible.

Techno Gamerz Hairstyle
Techno Gamerz Lifestyle

Personal Information and Biography:

Real name of Techno Gamerz:Ujjwal Chaurasia
Father Name:NA
Mother's name:NA
Nick name:Ujjii
Brother's name:Ankit Chaurasia (@ankitchaurasia12)
Sister Name:Aarti Chaurasia
Email id:technogamerzofficial@gmail.com
Phone No:Not Available
Date of Birth:12 January 2002
Age:21 Years
Monthly Income:15 Lakh +
Net Worth:15 Crore
Languages Known:Hindi, English
Height:5 Feet 5 Inch
Weight:55 Kg
Main YouTube Channels:1. Techno Gamerz

2. Ujjwal

3. Ujjwal Shorts

4. Techno
Techno Gamerz Biography

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Techno Gamerz house located?

His house is located near West Patel Nagar in Delhi, India.

What is magsplay relation with Techno Gamerz?

They are just friends. Magsplay is married to Pranav Panpalia.

What is the age of Ujjwal gamer?

Ujjwal gamer is 21 years old (As if May 2023).

Who invented Techno Gamerz?

Ujjwal Chaurasia is the founder of Techno Gamerz.

What is Ujjwal gaming ID number?

His Free Fire gaming id is 786974995.

How do I join a Techno Gamerz server?

You can join Techno Gamerz server using this link: https://discord.com/invite/ujjwalgamer

Who is Techno Gamerz girlfriend?

As of 2023, he don't have any girlfriend.

How to download Techno Gamerz Minecraft world?

Here's the direct download link for Techno Gamerz Minecraft World: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_ic8Ii5sasYQfJg6Re-ew1gc9ImIaJX3/view

Ujjwal Chaurasia with Yuzi Chahal
Ujjwal Chaurasia with Yuzi Chahal

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