Siddhant Joshi to Shreeman Legend – The Untold Story

Who Is Shreeman Legend?

Siddhant Praveen Joshi, better known as Shreeman Legend, is one of the most popular Indian(Marathi) YouTuber. He is well known for his humorous gaming videos, vlogs and his unique hindi-marathi accent. He has become an internet sensation due to the success of his videos and has amassed over million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His main channel currently has around 1.86 Million subscribers on YouTube.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the life of Shreeman Legend, including his income, personal life, and many more untold stories of his life. Today you are going to learn how this ordinary Siddhant Joshi became The one and only Shreeman Legend.

siddhant to shreeman legend
Siddhant Joshi to Shreeman Legend – Journey

II. Early Life and Education:

Shreeman Legend was born on August 01, 1994 in Maharashtra, India. He was raised in a middle-class family. He had very ordinary childhood just like any other kid in India. He used play sports a lot.

shreeman legend as a kid
Shreeman Legend Childhood Pic

You may not know this, but Shreeman wanted to be a hacker since childhood. He even had completed one Ethical Hacking course after 12th. But he couldn't make much use of that course as he started a new job after 12th due to some financial situation of family.

Shreeman also had one more hobby, and that is gaming. He used play video games a lot. Do you remember, in old days there used to video games consoles with cassettes? Take a look at this image below and you will know what am I talking about.

old video game consoles

He used to play games with this setup. He was crazy for playing different different games. But he didn't had money to buy new game cassettes every time. So he used to rent those cassettes. But when he and his friends rent those cassettes for a day, they couldn't finish that game within a day. So to play that game again, they would had to rent that game again for few more days. So Shreeman used one trick.

Inside of those game cassettes cover, there used to be one actual game plate that used to look like a pc ram. So Shreeman used to remove that plate from new rented game cassette and fix old plate in it and return that cassette to the store. That way they used to play that game for more than week, and finish that game. Once game finish, rent that same cassette again for a day, fix the original plate in it and return it to the store. It was one hell of a genius trick 😂.

Shreeman was very sincere kind till 5th std. But after 5th he discovered one cybercafe near his school. That time it was not possible to afford a gamin pc. And at this Cybercafe you could just pay 1o rupees and play for 1 hour, which was a big deal. Shreeman began playing at this Cybercafe. At start he used play there only for hour or so. But then he got so addicted to these games that he started bunking school lectures for playing these games for hours. One day his parents & teachers find out about this. And shreeman & his friends got punished for bunking lectures. But still Shreeman's craze for games naver ended.

shreeman legend childhood pic
Shreeman with his school friends

After school, his college life began and he stated understanding seriousness of life. His father was struggling with financial condition, but still he bought Shreeman a new budget gaming pc. Shreeman also realized that his family needs some support from him. So he started a new job. His first job was at IDBI bank as a Sales Executive. There he used to open saving accounts for customers. He worked there for more than year.

But Shreeman didn't love doing job. He always wanted to do a business, or do atleast something of his own where he won't be dependent on anyone.

After leaving his first job, Shreeman worked in construction line with his brother for 4 years. But he didn't see any progress in that field so he left that job as well and started searching for new one. Then one of his relative “Kulkarni Kaka” who is writer and directer, suggested him a job of writing scripts for him. Shreeman agrees to do this work. He used get paid around 8-9k per month. There he wrote scipts for 2 series – Priti Pari Tujvari and Ka Re Durava.

After this shreeman worked at BPO call center, where he learned so many new things. He learned dealing with different peoples, learned about investing, his communication skills got improved. Shreeman also worked at one computer repairing service. He had already did many computer related hardware & software courses.

III. The beginning of YouTube career:

While doing all these jobs, shreeaman also used play games in his free time. One day he watched streams of youtube channel – Gamer Katta. Shreeman approached this youtuber and asked to play game with him, and he agrees. Shreeman joined his discord server and started playing games with him along with his friend Anup. They used to play PUBG PC.

Shreeman legend shouting

Shreeman used to shout a lot during these gameplays. So audience of Gamer Katta used to ask like who's this shouting guy. Many peoples often comment about shreeman in his stream. So gamer Katta asked shreeman why don't he start his own stream.

At start, he didn't thought much about starting a stream, but one day he was discussing with Anup bhau & Abhijit. They told him, you are not enjoying your day job, so why don't you try doing gaming stream. So shreeman listened to them and started doing stream in his free time.

How Shreeman Legend got his channel name?

Once he started his channel, they had to decide name for channel. In PUBG, his ingame name was “Siddh The Legend“. Shreeman was thinking about keeping this same name as his channel name. But his friend Anup disagrees and decided to find a new name. He took 2-3 days to find a new name. And finally he came up with a new name – “SHREEMAN LEGEND“. And shreeman continued with that name and his audience loved it. Today most peoples don't know his real name as now everyone knows him as Shreeman only.

When Shreeman started doing live stream, he was hardly getting 2-3 views. He used to stream PUBG PC at that time. But then his friend Abhijit Bhonde suggested him to switch his stream from PUBG pc to PUBG mobile, which was only available in Chinese version at that time.

Shreeman Early Days Stream with Chetan and Karan.

As he started playing PUBG mobile, everything changed. His channel started booming. He suddenly started getting so many views and subscribers. Slowly his channel reached over lakh subscribers and even channel got monetized. And then came one more heartbreaking moment for him.

One day he was testing his internet speed with his friend Karan. He started his stream and kept it private. At that time, he was watching Big Boss TV show. He didn't knew that watching TV shows during stream is not allowed due to YouTube privacy policy. Because of which his channel got a copyright strike and his monetization got disabled. Shreeman was completely shocked and broke.

But he didn't give up and started a new channel from fresh. And that's the channel he currently has. If his first channel had not got that copyright strike, he would had over 4 Million subscribers by now.

IV. Hobbies of Shreeman Legend:

Anyone who watches his videos knows that he loves singing. He always sings different hindi & Marathi songs in his streams. His most favorite song is “Aai Tuz Deul“.

Shreeman Legend singing “Aai Tuz Deul” song.

You may not know this but Shereeman also love astronomy. He even bought one new telescope last year. You can see moon pics he took with his telescope below. He had made complete unboxing video of his new telescope.

shreeman legend telescope

Shreeman Legend Telescope:

Shreeman loves animals and pets. He have many pets at home including cat and dog. His dog name is Simba. He have two cats. You can see them in pics below.

Shreeman is big devotee of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He often sings song about maharaj and also do special marathi stream on day of Shivjayanti.

shreeman legend shivaji maharaj

V. Shreeman Legend Girlfriend and Family:

So, answer you all wants to know- what's the name of Shreeman's girlfriend? Well, the answer is Shreeman don't have any girlfriend. Or atleast he haven't revealed his relationship status yet. There were some rumors that Payal Dhaare (Payal Gaming) is Shreemans gf. But shreeman publicly stated that they are just fiends.

Shreeman Legend's sister name is Shweta Kulkarni. She is advocate and have two daughters. Shreeman also have two cousin sisters. Their names are Dr. Bhakti Vaity. (Insta: @dr.bhakti_vaity) & Pooja Ulhas (Insta: @poojaulhaspadhye).

Shreeman Legend Girlfriend
Shreeman with Payal Gaming
Shreeman Legend Sister
Shreeman with his sisters Bhakti & Pooja

VI. Shreeman Legend Income:

Shreeman's early face was full of struggles. His financial situation was not so good. But today everything have has changed. He is earning more than you might have guessed. Looking at his YouTube channel stats, he is earning more than 5 lakh per month just from his one channel. Combining his other revenue sources like instream donations (Shreeman call it appreciation), sponsorships, his 2nd channel earning, he would be easily earning more than 10 lakh rupees per month.

Shreeman legend income
Shreeman Legend Income Stats

But you also have to keep in mind that he also do a lot of donations. Shreeman loves to help others. He always try to give back to the community. I don't know any other YouTuber who do as much donations as Shreeman do.

Shreeman legend donations
Shreeman Donations

Popular videos of Shreeman Legend:

The most popular video by Shreeman is – “Most Aggressive NALLA BOY IN PUBG PC“. This video is hilarious. It's about one hacker who destroyed everyone in live game of pubg mobile. You have to watch this video if you haven't watched it yet.

Shreeman Legend Agri Koli:

Being from Karjat, shreeman can also speak agri koli language. He often do stream in aagri language on public demand. Here's one short clip of him speaking agri language.

Agri koli style PUBG

Manager Tanvee aka Daku:

In recent videos of Shreeman Legend, you might have seen one girl. They call her Daku but her real name is Tanvee. She is an Influencer manager. You can find her on insta at @tanvee.d_. She has a very charming personality. Shreeman and other team members always makes fun of her.

Shreeman Army:

Everyone who follows Shreeman is a part of the Shreeman Family. They are called Shreeman Army. They are the true fans of the Shreeman Legend.

You can get this #ShreemanArmy T-shirt here.

Shreeman Legend Personal Info & Biography:

Complete Real Name: Siddhant Praveen Joshi

Sister Name: Shweta Kulkarni

Cousins: Dr. Bhakti Vaity. (Insta: @dr.bhakti_vaity)
Pooja Ulhas (Insta: @poojaulhaspadhye)

Date of Birth: August 01, 1994.

Address: Dahiwali, Khandpe, Karjat, Maharashtra.

Marital Status: Unmarried.

Relationship Status: Single

Real Age: 28 years (As of April 2023).

Monthly Income: 5 to 10 Lakh

Net Worth: More than 50 Lakh.

Bike: Pulsar NS200, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Drone: DJI Avata

Shreeman Legend YouTube channels: He has 2 youtube channels:
1) ShreeMan LegenD:
2) shreeman legend live:

BGMI Ingame Name: I’m力ShяeMaи

BGMI ID: 510399433

Clan Name: ShreeManArmy

Favorite Dish/Food: He loves Paneer. (He also loves Kaleji Petha but don't say it😛).

Favorite color: Red & Black.

Favorite Person: Mother.

Favorite YouTube comment: “Shivya sod shreeman.”

This comment has a very special story behind it. Shreeman used to use so many slangs in his older videos. But one day someone commented on his video- “Shivya sod shreeman, Tuzya Chehryala suite nahi karat“. And that comment touched shreeman and he stopped using slangs in his videos.

Favorite YouTuber: Carryminati

Favorite social media: YouTube.

Favorite slangs to use when angry: आयच्या गावात, तुझ्या आयची कटकट, भिकारी कुत्र्या.

Three things Shreeman can't live without: His computer, mobile and bike.

Some favorite sentences: “Pich Pili Pili Pich”, “Vach Pra Pr Vaps”, “itra pindi nar indi gulla”.

Shreeman Legend funny clips

Some FAQ about Shreeman Legend:

What is Shreeman legend real name?

His real name is Siddhant Joshi.

Where is Shreeman from?

Shreeman is from Karjat, Maharashtra.

Which game is playing in Shreeman legend?

Shreeman mostly plays PUBG Mobile, Human fall flat, GTA, Sea of Thieves, BGMI, etc.

What is monthly income of Shreeman legend?

His monthly income is more than 10 lakh in 2023-2024.

Where is Shreeman legend now?

Shreeman currently lives in Karjat, Maharashtra.

Who is the best Marathi streamer?

Siddhant Joshi also known as Shreeman Legend is the best Marathi gaming streamer.

Where does Shreeman legend live live?

Shreeman Legend lives in Karjat, Maharashtra.


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