BhaDiPa Founder Sarang Sathaye Biography – Wife, Age & Income

Sarang Sathaye is one of the most well-known figures in the Indian comedy circuit. He is the founder of BhaDiPa, one of India’s largest comedy production companies. With his trademark wit and sharp sense of humor, Sarang has made a name for himself as an actor, director, writer, and stand-up comic. In this article, we will take a look at the life of Sarang Sathaye, from his childhood to his success as a founder of BhaDipa.

Sarang is originally from Pune, Maharashtra. He completed his primary education from Maharashtra Mandal School, Pune. And he was in P. Jog High School, Pune for his highschool education. Then he completed his college education from BMCC, Pune (Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce). He have completed B.Com. He currently lives in Bandra, Mumbai.

sarang sathaye

Sarang is founder of two companies – GulbadanTalkies & BhaDiPa. Gulbadan Talkies is a creative video production service boutique based in Mumbai, India. Where as BhaDipa is popular YouTube channel which makes comedy and music videos in Marathi.

Early Life of Sarang:

sarang sathaye childhood pic
Childhood pic of Sarang

Sarang has always been a “Atrangi Kid” since childhood 😂. During his childhood time, he lived at many places. They changed around 7-8 locations in Pune. And when he was in 7th standard, they shifted to Rajasthan due to his fathers work. There Sarang used to wear different colored fancy Rajasthani style dresses. And he used to sing different songs and do some acting. And this is how his interest got into acting. Sarang was also a big fan of bollywood actor Govinda.

Sarang Sathaye Brother
Sarang and his brother


Talking about his education, Sarang was not so scholar student in school. He was really slow. He was having writing problems. His language subjects were really bad. But still he was getting fair marks in exams. So one of his teacher figured out that his real problem was he was not so good at handling pressure. Given enough time and removing stress, he can perform really better. So after listening to her, he made some changes in his study techniques. She suggested him not to attend full paper in exams. If paper is of 100 marks, only attend 75 marks. And out of that 75 he started getting around 70 marks.

Sarang Sathaye college

During his SY of CA study, he started participating in gatherings and plays. During rehearsals of those plays sarang realized that he actually loves doing this more than study. And he decided to peruse his career in acting. He was just 20 years old at that time. After that he spent next 14 years of his life in acting for play and drama. He did many play with Samanvay, Asakt, Maharashtra Culture Center, Avishkar, and many others.

How Did BhaDiPa Started?

The idea of BhaDiPa came from Sarang's wife Paula. Paula is a Canadian. And in Canada, YouTube was like a big thing. So when she came to India, she realised that even with such high population people's are not consuming digital content as much. There were over 7.5 crore marathi speaking peoples are around the world, where as Canadian population is just . So one day when Paula met Sarang & , she suggested them – if there's such big market for marathi audience why don't we create something for them. And they started planning for it.

Initially they had big dreams and idea. But when they took their business plan and went for funding, nobody listened to their ideas. No one was ready to believe that you can really make money from making content like this. So these three decided to do it by themselves.

And when they released their first episode of Casting Couch, that just one video gave them over 30k subscribers for their youtube channel. And for a new channel, it was a big number.

BhaDiPa was started in 2016. The growth was little slow for first 2 years.

BhaDiPa Team
Team BhaDiPa

Career and Success:

Sarang Sathaye entered the entertainment industry via Pune's experimental theatre scene, and in the five years since, he's worked as chief assistant director for the likes of Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukthankar, and Sachin Kundalkar, all of whom have won national awards for their work.

He directed 15 One-Act theatre productions and 2 full-length plays. He won the MET Award for Best Director for that. Sarang also directed one ad dedicated to Parle-G. You can watch it below. That was the first video made by GulbadanTalkies that went viral.

Gulbadan Talkes

Sarang has also worked as a photographer for Conde Nast and as Art Director for AXN's The Amazing Race: India.

Sarang Sathaye Movies and series:

Sarang have played many roles in both Marathi as well as hindi movies. His first marathi movie was Shala which was released in 2011. He began his Bollywood journey with The Dirty Picture. After that he did many films like – Ubuntu (2017), Me Vasantrao, Natsamrat (2016), Siddhant, The River of Love, Samhita and many other.

sarang sathaye movies
Sarang in The River of Love


Sarang and his team has won many awards for their work. They Got 3 awards for labour of love ! Pandu won best Actor for Suhas Sirsat , best director for Anusha Nandakumar and Sarang. And Gaurav Patki won best story- screenplay for ‘once a year’.

BhaDiPa Awards

How Sarang and Paula met?

8 years back Sarang got a call from a film student from SRFTI for a diploma film. Her name was Anusha Nandakumar. She wanted to cast him after watching Shala movie. He was travelling for a film called Bright Day though…. which eventually led him meeting Paula. But later he meet the same girl on a project. He was casting and she was the chief. Anusha Nandakumar and Sarang hit the right note immediately. She also ended up being the match maker for Paula and Sarang. And they made their debut together with Pandu.

Sarang and paula
Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn

Hobbies and interests of Sarang

Sarang loves bike riding. He had Avengers ans Bullet bike. He explored entire Pune on bike. Also recently Sarang and Paula had been to Rajasthan on his bike. He also loves wearing caps. He have a huge collection of different caps. During school time, Sarang was famous for telling jokes.

Sarang Sathaye hobbies

He also likes to do stand up comedy. He is first person to start stand up comedy in Marathi language.


In his family, he have mothers and brother. Unfortunately last year his father passed away. Both his father and brother have done engineering. Where as his mother is also from creative background. She used to participate in different drama and plays during childhood. So when Sarang told his parents that he wanna do his career in acting field, his mother was little more supportive.

Sarang sathaye family
Sarang Sathaye family

Personal Information and Biography:

Full Name: Sarang Sanjiv Sathaye

Fathers Name: Sanjiv

Mother's Name: Sujata Sathaye

Date of Birth: 11 August 1982

Age: 40 Years.

Monthly Income: More than 5 lakh rupees per month.



Address: Bandra, Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the age of Sarang Sathaye?

Sarang is 40 years old as of 2023.

Is Sarang Sathaye and Paula married?

Yes they are married! They havn't done wedding but they have been together for more than 7 years now. They have many contracts together and living under common spouse law.

Who is the father of Sarang?

Sanjeev Sathaye is the father of Sarang. And he was an engineer. Unfortunately he passed away last year.

Who is Paula BhaDiPa?

Paula is one of the founder of BhaDiPa and wife of Sarang Sathaye.

Where is Paula McGlynn from?

Paula McGlynn is from Canada.

Who is the founder of Bhadipa?

Sarang Sathaye, Paula McGlynn and Anusha Nandakumar are three founders of BhaDiPa.

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