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Preet Bandre is a celebrated Marathi singer who's mostly famous for his soulful devotional songs. Bandre is a well-known name in the Marathi music industry and has gained recognition across India. He is known for his soulful voice and powerful lyrics. His journey in the music industry has been nothing short of inspiring and it is only right that we take a closer look into the life of this talented singer.

In world where every singer chose path of rap and romantic songs, Preet crafted his own path with devotional Marathi songs. There are many other devotional songs made previously but most of them made by some brands. Whereas Preet made his song independently without working under any brand. He write his own lyrics, he compose music and he is the singer. Which makes Preet a complete independent artist.

Preet Bandre Malhari Song

I. Early Life and Education:

His real name is Pritesh Bandre. He was born in Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. He grew up in a middle-class family and was exposed to music from a young age. He is proper Navi Mumbaikar and belongs to agri caste. He was raised in Agri Koli community. And that is why his songs gives that koligeet vibes.

He began his music career with his uncle, Mangesh. When he was just seven years old, his uncle gifted him one small Casio and taught him how to play it. He literally taught him by holding his fingers and showed him how to play it. And as he started playing Casio, he began developing interest in music.

Preet Bandre old photo

II. Bandre's Musical Journey:

Preet Bandre started his musical journey with Unplugged Koli songs with his friend Bhuvan Koli. When they had started, they did these songs just for fun and hobby. But when they upload their first song to YouTube, it got more than one million views. His first song on youtube was “Pori Yera Kelas – unplugged romantic koli song”. There's a very interesting story behind making of this song that you would love to know.

Preet Bandre song

Preet and Sandwich girl story:

Once Preet was eating sandwich at one stall with his friends. And suddenly there's one beautiful girl showed up. As Preet describes, she was very cute, beautiful and simple looking. She came there and started looking at Preet. They both were looking at each other and passing singles. You can call it love at first sight😉. But Preet didn't knew her. After a while he returned to home with his friends.

When he reached home, he was still thinking about her. Who was this girl? She was not from his village. He had not seen her before. Could she be his relative or something? Why was she looking at me? He was so deep into these thoughts that he took pen and paper and started writing something. He wrote an entire music lyrics. It was something like this:

“आमचे गावन आयली गो,
पोर beautiful नाखवाची,
कनचे गावानशी,
कनचे कोलीवाऱ्यानशी,
हाय रंगान गोरी गोरी पान,
हाय भोला look, पण दिसतंय छान,
modern हाय, ती modern हाय,
But I know पोर साधी सोवर हाय.”

“Aamche Gavan Aayli Go Song”

III. Sucess & Awards:

Today Preet Bandre have become household name in Maharashtra. Form teenagers to grownups, everyone listen to his songs. His videos have crossed more than 20 crore views. His YouTube channel currently has more than 813K subscribers. He have more than 110k followers on Instagram.

Preet won Silver Play Button award from YouTube for completing 100k subscribers in June 2018. Looking at his channel progress, he will soon complete 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Preet bandre income and lifestyle

IV. Family and Friends:

Preet lives with his father, mother and one brother. Both of his parents have always been supportive to him. Even his brother helps in his many projects.

Talking about his friends, they are his real backbone. His friends have played a key role in his success. Vighnesh Tole & Vinod Koli are his best friends. They have helped him in most of his videos. From script writing to creating a music video, they help in everything. Preet also have one more friend – Bhuvam Koli. He is also a singer. Preet & Bhuvam have worked on lot of projects together in his early videos.

Preet Bandre father
Preet Father
Preet Bandre mother
Preet Mother

Preet Bandre Girlfriend:

Preet currently don't have a girlfriend and he is single. He is focused on his career at the moment.

Preet Bandre Girlfriend

Hobbies and interests of Preet Bandre:

Preet is a complete artist. He loves singing, playing guitar, piano, casio and many other instruments. He was even a part of local banjo band. They used play their songs in local wedding and haldi ceremony. Even today if Preet gets free time, he joins these bands, just for fun. Preet loves travelling exploring new places. Recently he had been to Kedarnath. He done river rafting there.

Preet bandre hobbies
Preet doing river rafting

Preet Bandre songs:

There are many popular songs by Preet Bandre. He mainly do devotional and romantic songs. His popular devotional songs are- “Avtan”, “Malhari song”, “NAMAN”, “Majhe Aaiche Palkhila”, “HEY PAVLAAY”, “Ek Naral Dilay Darya Devala”, and his first ever devotional song “Majha Morya”.

His popular romantic songs are- “Love Marriage”, “Pyaar Karshil Kaay”, “Pori Yera Kelas”, etc. You can find many of songs in Vinayak Mali‘s videos.

Some devotional songs:

Romantic songs:

Preet have sung many romantic songs as well. Just few months back in January 2023, he released his new music video called MEHBOOBA. That song has crossed over 23 million views on YouTube. That song is still trending on YouTube shorts and Insta reels.

Preet Bandre Mehbooba Song

V. Conclusion:

Preet Bandre is a celebrated Marathi singer who has been performing and recording songs for over two decades. His journey in the music industry has been nothing short of inspiring and he has earned numerous accolades for his work. He is also a loving son and brother who currently resides in Navi Mumbai. Bandre's story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and it shows that with enough determination, anything is possible.

Preet Bandre information

Personal information and biography:

Real name: Pritesh Bandre.

Address: Belapur Village, Navi Mumbai.


Age: 28 years

Caste: Agri

Birthday: Not known

Education: Graduation from Mumbai University

Friends: Vighnesh Tole & Vinod Koli

Instagram id: @preetbandre_

Favorite singer: Atif Aslam

Favorite instrument: Piano

Inspiration: Everyone. He likes to learn different thing from different peoples.

Income: More than 50k per month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Preet Bandre?

Preet Bandre is Marathi singer who's mostly famous for his slow pace devotional and romantic songs.

Where is Preet Bandre from?

He is from Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

How much Preet Bandre earn?

He earns more than 50K per month.

Which was the first song of Preet Bandre?

His first song was Koli Unplugged song – Pori Yera Kelas.

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