Monkey Magic Biography – Success Story of YouTuber Raunaq Sahni

In the world of YouTube, there are many success stories that inspire us to chase our dreams and pursue what we love. One such success story is that of Raunaq Sahni, the creator of the popular YouTube channel, “Monkey Magic.”

Raunaq Sahni is a Delhi-based YouTuber who started his journey on the platform in 2015. He started his channel with the intention of creating content that would entertain people and bring a smile to their faces. He chose the name “Monkey Magic” as he wanted to make his viewers feel like they were part of a fun and exciting world.

Monkey Magic YouTuber
Monkey Magic YouTuber

He started his channel by uploading cinematic travel videos & random vlogs. But his “100 Days Of Dreaming” series exploded his channel like never before and made his channel viral. In just 2 months, monkey magic went from just 12k subscribers to over 1 Million subscribers. And this mind blowing series helped him gain over 340 million views in just 3 months.

Before this series, Raunaq had been uploading videos for past 7 years. What kind of magic he did in this series which made him world's fastest growing YouTube channel for 2 days? We will find that out in this blog. So grab you coffee and start reading.

Childhood and Early Life:

Raunaq Sahni was born in 1997, in Delhi, India. He grew up in a rich-middle-class family with his parents and sister. Raunaq had a passion for filmmaking from a young age. His parents gifted him a camera when he was just a kid. And that helped him a lot in his filmmaking journey in the future.

Monkey Magic first camera
Raunaq's first camera

After his primary school in Delhi, he went to United Kingdom to peruse his career in filmmaking. He have got his degree in Filmmaking.

His father being a businessman, he got to visit many foreign countries when he was just a kid. He had been to Dubai many times with his friends and family.

Raunaq in Dubai
Raunaq in Dubai

Early Struggles to Gain Popularity:

Like most YouTubers, Raunaq faced several challenges in the early days of his YouTube career. He initially had low viewership and struggled to attract an audience. Raunaq also faced negative comments and lack of support from his closed ones. After over 7 years of posting videos on YouTube, he only had around 10k subscribers.

Popularity and Success:

100 days of dreaming series
100 Days of Dreaming

But then Raunaq did something genius, which helped him gain massive fan following both on YouTube & on Instagram. He started his series “100 Days Of Dreaming” where he daily uploaded 1 short video sharing his travel journey. This series was started on 1 July 2022 and ended on 8 October 2022.

Monkey Magic Travel
Complete travel on 100 Days of Dreaming

Here are some results and achievements that he got after this series:

1. He completed this whole 100 days journey in ₹1,27,680 (few thousand plus/minus)
2. This series has got almost 340Million+ views in just 90 Days.
3. For 2 days Monkey Magic became the fastest growing YouTube Channel in the whole world.
4. Channel went from 12.2k Subscribers to 10 Lakh Subscribers in just 60Days

Worlds Fastest growing youtube channel
Fastest growing YouTube channel for 2 days
340 Million views in 90 days
340 Million+ views in 90 days

4. He could have never completed this journey without all the angels that He found along the way (mentioning few below)
a) Sanjay Bhai (auto wala bhai in Tura, Meghalaya)
b) Rovii Di (Dawn Homestay, Kigwema, Nagaland)
c) Palaie & Khampai (Longwa Village, Nagaland)
d) Priya ji (India's Longest Train)
e) Chetan (Varkala & Alleppey)
f) Harsh (Go Stops Kochi)
g) Sachin Bhai
h) Leh Bus Stand Bus Driver to Kargil ( so sorry I don't remember his name)
i) Lotus Bhai (Kargil to Padum Cab wale bhai
j) Monk at Phugtal Monestary

But what is the real secrets behind the success of 100 Days of Dreaming?

Before starting YouTube full time, Raunaq had worked on many big projects in the past. He had done many wedding edits, he done many shoots, he worked for google on documentaries, he had worked for popular brands like Redmi, Oppo, etc. But still have was not satisfied with that work. That's what made his start his YouTube channel.

But even after starting his YouTube channel and uploading videos for several years, he did not get the success that he expected. That's when he decided to get creative. He realized the power of short form content like reels and YouTube shorts and decided to give it a go. But he did it in a very unique way. He started his series “100 Day of Dreaming”.

First youtube video of Monkey Magic

Starting this series was not easy. It was a high stake series. Make daily videos like that has a lot of challenges like expenses, stay, safety, mode of transport, editing, etc. But he faced all those challenges had completed that series by 100 videos in 100 days. And that gave him the success that he deserved.

The real secret behind the success of 100 Day of Dreaming series was “CONTINUITY“. He made it a sequential short series. Continuity brings consistent engaging narrative into the film. Which creates connection between the creator and his audience. If you watch his videos, you can see his videos start and end onto the same point. Which brings continuity into those videos.

So this way, even if just 1 video from that series get's viral, other videos also start going viral because of the continuity. And that's exactly what happened. His third video from the series called “003 THIS INDIAN TRAIN IS BETTER THAN AIRPLANE!” went viral because of which other videos also started getting views.

Apart from that you can also notice creative storytelling in his videos. His videos start with some hook and he ends his videos with some climax. Raunaq's filmmaking techniques, personality and humous also makes people love him a lot.

Monkey Magic girlfriend and family:

Monkey magic aka Raunaq lives with his parents. He also have one sister who's married. He belongs to a good rich family. His father is a business man.

Talking about his girlfriend, there had been some rumor's of Zangzi being his girlfriend. But Raunaq haven't accepted it publicly so can't say it for sure.

Monkey magic girlfriend
Monkey Magic girlfriend
Monkey magic wife
Raunaq Sahni GF

Watch 100 Days of Dreaming complete video series below:

100 Days of dreaming – complete travel series.

Personal Information & Biography:

Monkey Magic Real Name: Raunaq Sahni

Fathers Name: unknown

Mother's name: unknown

Sister Name: Apeksha Khera (Married)

Education: Degree in Filmmaking (From UK)

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch

Weight: 80 Kg

Age: 25 years

Birthday: Was born in 1997 (Exact date unknown)

Instagram: @monkeyxmagic Personal account – @raaaunaq

Net Worth: $384,188

Monthly Income: NA

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Monkey Magic youtuber name?

His real name is Raunaq Sahni.

Where is Monkey Magic from?

He is from Delhi, India.

Is Monkey Magic married?

No, he is not married yet nor he is in any relationship yet.

What is the age of youtuber Monkey Magic?

He is currently 25 years old as of 2023.

And that is it my friends. A complete life and biography of youtuber Monkey Magic. I hope you find this information helpful. Do checkout this blog on Shreeman Legend.

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