Marusya Outdoors: The TikTok Star Who Loves Adventure

If you are a fan of camping, survival, bushcraft, and outdoor adventures, you might have heard of Marusya Outdoors, a popular TikTok star who has over 19 million followers and 1.7 billion likes on her account.

Marusya Outdoors is the online alias of Marusya Shiklina, a young woman who loves to explore nature and share her skills and experiences with her audience.

Who is Marusya Shiklina?

Marusya Shiklina was born on June 20 in New York, USA, but her exact birth year is not known. She is estimated to be between 18 to 25 years old. She is a Gemini, a female, and has a mixed ethnicity of White, Latina, and Caucasian.

Marusya is a highly skilled video creator who focuses on producing captivating content centered around adventure, camping, survival, and bushcraft. Driven by her deep love for the outdoors, she skillfully captures awe-inspiring footage during her expeditions, while sharing her vast expertise and personal experiences with her audience.

Marusya is also active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts more photos and videos of her adventures. She also has a YouTube channel with over 300 thousand subscribers, where she uploads longer and more detailed videos of her trips and tutorials. On Facebook, she has over 270 thousand followers who like and comment on her posts.

What does Marusya Outdoors do?

Marusya Outdoors is best known for her short and engaging videos on TikTok, where she shows various aspects of camping, survival, bushcraft, and outdoor living. She often demonstrates how to make fire, cook food, set up tents, use tools, tie knots, and more. She also showcases different types of camping gear, equipment, and accessories that she uses or recommends.

Some of her most popular videos include:

  • How to make a portable campfire in a backpack for all occasions (15.6 million likes)
  • How to make a portable Finnish candle (11.5 million likes)
  • How to make a compact fire for cooking in a jar (6.6 million likes)
  • How to use a broken lighter to start a fire (3 million likes)
  • How to make a safe and convenient fire option for cooking (1.6 million likes)

Marusya Outdoors also likes to interact with her fans and answer their questions or requests. She often asks them what they want to see next or what they think of her videos. She also thanks them for their support and encouragement.

Why is Marusya Outdoors popular?

Marusya Outdoors is popular because she combines several elements that appeal to many people: adventure, nature, skills, creativity, and personality.

Adventure: Marusya Outdoors travels to different places and explores various environments, such as forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and snow. She faces challenges and risks that test her abilities and courage. She also enjoys the beauty and wonder of nature and shares it with her viewers.

Nature: She loves nature and respects it. She shows how to live in harmony with nature and use its resources wisely and sustainably. She also educates her audience about the flora and fauna that she encounters and how to protect them.

Skills: She has impressive skills and knowledge that she acquired through years of practice and learning. She knows how to survive in different situations and conditions using minimal or improvised materials. She also knows how to use various tools and techniques that make camping easier and more fun.

Creativity: She is very creative and innovative in her content creation. She always comes up with new ideas and ways to show her skills and adventures. She also experiments with different formats and styles of videos that keep her audience entertained and curious.

Personality: She has a charming and charismatic personality that shines through her videos. She is friendly, cheerful, humorous, confident, adventurous, curious, passionate, and genuine. She connects with her audience on a personal level and makes them feel like they are part of her journey.


Marusya Outdoors is one of the most popular TikTok stars who specializes in camping, survival, bushcraft, and outdoor adventures. She has millions of fans who admire her skills, creativity, personality, and love for nature. She inspires many people to explore the outdoors and learn new things along the way.

If you want to follow Marusya Outdoors or learn more about her content,

  • You can visit her TikTok account and watch her short and engaging videos.
  • You can visit her Instagram account and see more photos and videos of her adventures.
  • You can visit her YouTube channel and watch her longer and more detailed videos.
  • You can visit her Facebook page and like and comment on her posts.

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