Johnny FPV: Drone, Rates, Luts, Age, Net Worth & Bio 2023

Who is Johnny FPV?

Johnny FPV who's real name is Johnny Schaer a professional drone pilot and cinematographer, has taken the world by storm with his breathtaking aerial videos and collaborations with top-tier brands like Porsche, Red Bull, and Verge. Born Johnny Schaer on December 9, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, he started flying drones at just 15 years old and quickly developed a passion for drone racing.

This comprehensive article delves into Johnny FPV's life, his transition from drone racing to cinematography, and his influential work in the industry.

1. Early Life and Introduction to Drones

Growing up in Chicago, Johnny Schaer took an interest in drones at the young age of 15. His passion for drone racing was ignited after watching videos online, which inspired him to practice and hone his skills as a pilot. With his dedication and natural talent, Johnny quickly became a rising star in the drone community.

Johnny Schaer
Johnny Schaer

2. Competing in the Drone Racing League

In 2016 and 2017, Johnny FPV competed in the Drone Racing League (DRL), where he showcased his incredible skills and creativity as one of the world's fastest and most innovative pilots. His hard work and dedication paid off when he won the prestigious 2017 DRL Allianz World Championship in London. This victory solidified his status as a top contender in the drone racing scene.

Johnny at DRL

3. Transition to Drone Cinematography

In 2018, he decided to shift his focus from drone racing to drone cinematography. He realized that his FPV (first-person view) drones could capture unique perspectives and movements that traditional cameras simply couldn't achieve. This epiphany led to the creation of viral videos on YouTube and Instagram, where Johnny FPV has amassed over 286K and 1.1M followers, respectively.

His ability to capture stunning visuals and dynamic action has earned him widespread recognition and respect in the industry. His unique style seamlessly merges the thrill of drone racing with the art of cinematic storytelling, resulting in awe-inspiring content that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Cinematic Video

4. Collaborations with Major Brands

Johnny FPV's extraordinary talent has not gone unnoticed, as he has collaborated with some of the biggest names and brands in various industries. These collaborations include work with Porsche, Red Bull, Verge, Formula One, SailGP, MotoGP, and more. His innovative approach to drone cinematography has opened up new possibilities for visual storytelling, allowing brands to create content that is both captivating and memorable.

Johnny have also worked with Beautiful Destinations – an award wining media company who makes travel videos. He shoot a FPV video for this brand at Turkey.

5. Filming Locations and Adventures

Johnny FPV's work has taken him to numerous locations around the globe, including Dubai, Iceland, France, South Africa, and Japan. Each destination offers unique opportunities for breathtaking visuals and compelling narratives, demonstrating his versatility as a cinematographer. His ability to adapt to various environments and capture the essence of each location has made him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Johnny fpv with yes theory
With Sam Kolder and Team Yes Theory

He also had worked with Yes Theory along with many other popular YouTube creators like Sam Kolder, Chelsea Kauai, Sorelle, etc. They went to Guatemalan jungle for shooting a documentary called “The Lost Pyramid“.

Collaboration with Yes Theory

6. Awards and Accolades

Johnny FPV's groundbreaking work has earned him numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. One of his most notable achievements is winning the Sports Emmy for CameraWork – Short Form in 2021 for The Dragon, a collaboration with Red Bull. This prestigious award recognizes his exceptional camera work and highlights the impact of his innovative approach to drone cinematography.

7. Impact on the Drone Industry

Johnny FPV is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential drone pilots in the world. His pioneering work has pushed the boundaries of what drones can do and how they can tell stories. By merging the adrenaline-fueled excitement of drone racing with the artistry of cinematography, he has paved the way for a new era of visual storytelling.

In addition to his collaborations with major brands, Johnny FPV has inspired countless aspiring drone pilots and cinematographers with his unique style and approach. His work has demonstrated the limitless potential of drones in capturing breathtaking visuals and compelling narratives, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

Johnny FPV friends
With Trevor Bauer, Simon Cheng, and Megan Proulx

8. Rates:

Johnny FPV rates are the settings that he uses to control the sensitivity and responsiveness of his drone's movements. He uses different rates for different flight controllers, such as KISS FC and Betaflight. He has shared some of his rates on PIDhub, a website where drone pilots can share their pids and rates.

For example, his rates for KISS FC are:

  • Roll: 1.29 RC Rate, 0.75 Rate, 0.21 RC Curve
  • Pitch: 1.26 RC Rate, 0.74 Rate, 0.2 RC Curve
  • Yaw: 1.08 RC Rate, 0.67 Rate, 0.07 RC Curve

His rates for Betaflight are:

  • Roll: 0.82 RC Rate, 0.87 Super Rate, 0.35 RC Expo
  • Pitch: 0.82 RC Rate, 0.87 Super Rate, 0.35 RC Expo
  • Yaw: 0.82 RC Rate, 0.87 Super Rate, 0.35 RC Expo

These rates affect how fast and smooth his drone can turn and spin in different directions. He may also adjust his rates depending on the type of drone he is flying and the kind of video he is shooting.

Johnny FPV rates are not the only factor that determines his flying style and quality. He also uses other settings such as pids, filters, camera angle, and throttle curves to fine-tune his drone's performance³². He also practices a lot and has a lot of experience and talent as a drone pilot.

9. Luts

Johnny FPV luts are color presets that he uses to enhance and stylize his videos. LUT stands for look-up table, which is a file that maps the colors of one image to another. LUTs can be used to correct colors, create different moods, or emulate film stocks.

Johnny has partnered with Jake Irish, a professional editor and colorist, to create his own LUTs that reflect his cinematic style and vision. He has released two editions of his LUTs: the Pro Edition and the Basic Edition.

The Pro Edition contains 155+ LUTs in 7 categories, such as Earthy, Moody, Vibrant, and Vintage. It also includes 85 conversion LUTs that work with different camera profiles, such as LOG, RAW, Rec709, and more. The Pro Edition also comes with 6 limited edition Sandscape LUTs that were used in Johnny’s film Sandscape.

The Basic Edition contains 53+ LUTs in 4 categories, such as Earthy, Moody, Vibrant, and Vintage. It also includes 25 conversion LUTs that work with different camera profiles, such as LOG, RAW, Rec709, and more.

Both editions come with detailed tutorials and step-by-step guidance. Checkout JohnnyFPV Luts.

Johnny FPV

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to fly like Johnny fpv?

To fly like Johnny FPV, you would need a lot of practice, skill, and passion. You would also need a high-performance drone that can handle fast and precise maneuvers. He uses different drones for different projects, but some of his main gear includes:

The Banshee x8 Cinelifter drone, which can carry a RED Komodo cinema camera and fly like a 5-inch FPV drone.

The Lumenier QAV-S JohnnyFPV Special Edition RTF, which is a ready-to-fly 5-inch FPV drone with powerful motors and durable frame.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black, which is a versatile action camera that can record up to 5K video and has HyperSmooth stabilization.

He has his own LUTs, which are color presets that he uses to enhance his footage and give it a cinematic look.

You can find more information about him and his gear on his YouTube channel or his website.

How old is he?

He is currently 27 years old (As of 2023).

Who is Johnny FPV girlfriend?

His girlfriend's name is Maya. He had mentioned his girlfriends name in his “The Lost Pyramid” documentary with Yes Theory.

Which drone Johnny FPV use?

He use different drones for different purpose. Some of his favorite drones are AstroX X5 Freestyle Frame—JohnnyFPV V2, Lumenier QAV, DJI FPV and Banshee 8″ Cinema Drone.

Personal information & Biography

Real name:Johnny Schaer
Girlfriend Name:Maya
Mother's name:NA
Brothers name:NA
Phone No:NA
Address:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birthplace:Chicago, US
Favorite YouTuber:Sam Kolder
Education:Self Taught Filmmaker
Date of Birth:December 9, 1995
Age:27 years
Birthday:9 December
Monthly Income:$1000+
Net Worth:$22k – $100K
Languages Known:English,
Height:5 Feet 7 Inch
Weight:64 Kg
Profession:YouTuber, Filmmaker, Educator
Main YouTube Channels:@JohnnyFPV

Final Thoughts:

From his humble beginnings as a drone racing enthusiast to his groundbreaking work in drone cinematography, Johnny FPV has become an influential figure in the world of aerial visual storytelling. His collaborations with top-tier brands, his co-founding of Renga, and his numerous awards and accolades all speak to his immense talent and dedication to his craft.

His impact on the drone industry cannot be overstated. As a pioneer in the field, he has shown what is possible when the thrill of drone racing meets the art of cinematic storytelling. His work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world, proving that the sky is truly the limit for what drones can achieve.

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